Why I’m Running

For over twenty-four years, I have been a small business owner and practicing trial attorney in Nevada.

My legal career has always been defined by my sense of fairness. 

Neither where you come from, nor how much money you have, should ever prevent you from being treated equally under the law.

As a two-term State Assemblyman in Carson City, I fought to improve our jury pools. Today, our juries better reflect the diversity of our communities. I also sponsored Harvey’s Law, to protect some of our most vulnerable Nevadans, and why I was proud to champion Brooklynn’s Law to help protect Nevada’s children from gun violence.

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Important Election Dates

  • 29
  • Registering to vote online?

    October 29th is the last day to register to vote online at RegisterToVoteNV.gov

    All Day Event
    All Day
  • 30
  • The final day of Early Vote!

    Friday, Oct. 30th is the final day for in-person Early Vote! Check with your county for polling hours.

    All Day Event
    All Day
  • 03

    Same-day voter registration will be available on Election Day. All ballots must be signed and either returned or postmarked by November 3rd! Go Ozzie!

    7:00 am – 7:00 pm
    7:00 am